January -Meylonie Schatz – If I can do it, you can too!  A wonderful trunk show of Meylonie’s journey through quilting and the lessons learned along the way.

February – Lori Lee Triplett – Red & Green Quilts for Christmas – Not! Explore some of the Red & Green Quilts from the Poos Collection and learn about the history of Turkey Red dyes. The quilts featured are from the 19th century when Turkey Red dye was at its zenith!                                                          

March – Donna di Natale  –  The Quilt Detective
A fun program of quilt history and how to date a quilt by looking at the fabrics, colors, prints, design, and other elements. Members are asked to bring a quilt they would like to more about – a family quilt, a thrift store treasure, or a simply curiosity. The quilt detective will attempt to date the quilt and will point out the clues that help to solve the case.

April  – Spring Cleaning – Basement sale.  Bring you items marked for sale. Proceeds go to the guild.

May –Lora Rocke – Evolution of Quilted Portraits   This “suitcase” lecture will show the evolution of my quilted portraits. From simply stitched pieces to intensely stitched portraits. These quilts will show that thread portraits can be whimsical and life-like, but most of all–personal. Dozens of quilts will be shown.

June – Faded Blossoms – Trunk Show

July –Jeanne AtkinsonLincoln Needleworkers Guild

August – Monique Jacobs –  Open Gate Quilts  Mini Fit to be Geese

August 28 – CLASS with Monique Jacobs and the Mini Fit to be Geese. Great class!!

September -Erica Plank – Unseeen Hands 

October – Patricia Dunbar – String quilt portraits

October 23  CLASS – Patricia Dunbar  – Class for string quilt portraits

November – Christmas Party and Secret Sewing Sister Reveal.

December -No meeting. Have a great holiday season!

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